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Ron Elliott

Associate Creative Director

Ron has experienced “life on both sides” in the ad agency environment.

But first, some context.

After earning a B.A. in Mass Communications from the University of Hartford, he decided to attend the University of Massachusetts/Amherst and earn an MBA.

With the world as his oyster (or so he thought!), Ron joined Harold Cabot Advertising—one of Boston’s premier ad agencies—as an Account Executive in 1982. (After all, matching B-School with account management seemed to make the most sense.)

Ah, but what surprises life has in store!

After continuing upward in the account management ranks at three subsequent metro-Boston agencies, the lure of “creating”—and of gravitating back to his undergraduate writing and journalism roots—finally became too much to resist.

So, in 1996, Ron joined “the other side” of the ad agency world: He officially abandoned his “Darrin Stevens” role (Google away, those under 40!) to became an internally-renowned(!!!) copywriter.

And while the rest—as they say—may be history, it’s a history known only to Ron, so this bio will continue.

Since that time, Ron has worked at two metro-West agencies and logged 17 years as a freelance writer/creative director. Davis has been home since 2015. His experience has spanned numerous industries across traditional and online communication channels.

How does Ron stay psyched about his job? Simple: It’s always different … and it’s always a chance to develop fun, memorable work that actually, well, works.

Now he must close; his jogging, prog rock and Michener novel await him …

Some facts about me

  • Most unusual thing in my office
    Advertising come-on of epic proportions: A bottle (yet unopened) of sparkling water with HUGE illustration of a coconut on the label, coupled with HUGE name of flavor (“Coconut”) … and, printed on the back, the bold words “Contains no coconut.” (What kind of business am I in, anyway?)
  • Fun nickname
    Turtle. Fastest short-distance runner in grammar school.
  • Something I collect
    Prog rock CDs that no one else in the world would have any interest in whatsoever.
  • What job I wanted as a kid
    DJ. (“What … you mean I can get PAID to listen to music?!!”)
  • First album purchase
    (On vinyl) Sgt. Pepper’s—what else would it possibly be?

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