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The Davis Difference

A great brand strategy is worthless if the resultant messages lack coordination and consistency. If you’ve ever watched a film with out-of-sync sound, you know that the story, the acting, the scenery and the millions spent in production don’t amount to anything if the execution is not synchronized. And just as a movie’s message falls flat if its individual elements are not synchronized, a brand can’t maximize its impact and make meaningful connections without proper synchronization.

Research shows that people respond to brands the same way they respond to other people. They are attracted to brands “who” are confident in their brand identity, act in accordance with this identity and have a likable personality. At Davis, we develop compelling brand positionings and personalities, and with our expertise across every channel, we shape the message elements to work in a synchronized way, creating a seamless, smooth, coordinated whole-brand experience that attracts, compels, engages and sells.

This synchronization ensures that if one message element is changed, the other elements correspond appropriately. The whole brand can move as one responsive, agile unit to adapt to marketplace conditions.

Defining the heart and soul of your brand is essential, but getting all the pieces to truly synchronize as an attractive, compelling and coordinated unit is what fully brings a brand to life. So, when a brand captures a consumer’s attention, the magic continues as the dialog ensues, and the brand moves closer to making a meaningful connection.

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