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Nicole Tadgell

Art Director

Nicole holds a BA in Studio Art from Wheaton College, and has been with Davis since 1993. Using her art and design skills to serve number of clients, with an emphasis on brand identity and adhering to brand standards is part of what keeps this art director happy.

Although her role as Art Director means she often works on every client in some way, she’s happy for the opportunity to express a different creative side, including original digital holiday art for Coastal Heritage Bank and watercolor paintings for Hanover Insurance.

Nicole has used her illustration skills in storyboarding and commercials for financial and insurance clients. She also serves as a team member and director in group projects that span Davis’ Financial, Retail and Educational Institution clients.

Looking at each project as a design challenge and taking the perspective of the consumer as an approach yields interesting and varied solutions.

Nicole Tadgell is the award-winning illustrator of more than twenty picture books. Luminous watercolors, tender families, and a wide range of expressive faces characterize her illustrations. She is also a member of the Western Mass Illustrators Guild and the SCBWI.

When she’s not drawing, Nicole enjoys practicing Tai Chi and watching Doctor Who.

Some facts about me

  • My hero
    My Mom
  • Item on my bucket list
    Visit a desert
  • Favorite movie
  • Favorite food
  • Last music I downloaded
    Glass Animals

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