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Carleigh Mastrapasqua

Director of Online & Social Strategies

Carleigh brings her expertise in social media strategy to Davis as the Director of Social Media. She is a Worcester native that earned her bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Becker College in 2016. Her career started at The Hebert Candy Mansion as a Graphic Designer where she started exploring social media as a way to promote the local landmark. After some time she transitioned to a new role as a Marketing Manager for a group of cannabis dispensaries where she gained experience managing many aspects of a marketing plan and department. She is dedicated to helping brands align their marketing plans with effective online and social media strategies.

At home, Carleigh enjoys crafting, baking, and playing with her dog, Chief. Her other hobbies include playing trivia at her favorite local restaurants.

Some facts about me

The most unusual thing in your office: A Periodic Table of Typefaces

Hidden talent: Music Trivia

Favorite dessert: Strawberry Cheesecake

Favorite music genre: Country

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