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Roger Williams Park Zoo

Situation Overview

Creating promotional assets for a new exhibit can be very challenging. Even more so when that exhibit is promoting fictional creatures and there is no photography available for it yet. Sometimes we are tasked with the job to literally create something out of nothing.


To create the artwork and develop various assets to promote Roger Williams Park Zoo’s new Dragons & Mythical Creatures Exhibit.


To start, the client needed a logo developed. After various renditions, a logo is approved and we would move on to creating the primary artwork. It started as an illustration, and eventually moved on to an elaborate Photoshop layout. The approved layout allowed for it to be easily modified for various sizes.


As soon as we establish the logo and artwork we proceed to create all the necessary assets to promote their new exhibit.


It was a challenging process, but in the end the client was thrilled with the results. We were able to create a visually exciting campaign that was easily executed across various platforms.

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